My paintings serve as windows into the imagined cityscapes and landscapes of my mind. I find inspiration in memories of cities I’ve visited as well as time spent in the forest. Nature resonates mystery. My ideas come to me gradually, as I am working. I start a painting without knowing what it will become.  The act of painting is meditative and sublime. I dedicate myself to the transcendental value of art.

                                                                                                                                                   I had been painting in oils for 9 years before adding encaustics to my repertoire. Encaustic paints have allowed me to build translucent layers of imagery, as well as add mixed media elements to my work. I incorporate drawings that “float” over the surface of an oil painting. I obscure a portion of the painting with layers of colored wax, only to scrape back and reveal the image in a later incarnation. This has helped me be more fluid in my ideas. I end up with a layered, translucent surface that emphasizes dimensionality.  This technique lends itself to work concerning the imagined realm.


I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and design with a BFA in painting. Since then, I have been a professional full time painter. My art has appeared on the city of Raleigh busses three times. I have also shown in Brooklyn, NY, Asheville, NC; Vail, Colorado; Miami, Florida; and Alexandria, Virginia.