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Artist Statement

My paintings are the interior landscapes of my mind; the figures are archetypes of inner necessity. The paintings happen without a plan. I paint in a stream of consciousness way; letting the work unfold. Then I take a step back and edit the image so it is coherent in its form and idea.

A painting is not done until it resonates mystery. Ideas turn in on themselves. Some shapes are lost entirely in the process of editing. I sometimes scrape paint off, revealing these hidden forms. Because of this process, the meanings become layered and somewhat enigmatic.

My process is intuitive. I let my thoughts take their own shapes. The act of painting is meditative and sublime. I am dedicated to the transcendental value of art.

Artwork from Anna Podris

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December 13 Online
If you are interested in seeing the start to finish process of my paintings, you can check my blog. I show photos of works in progress, and the ideas behind them. visit-

I can ship paintings anywhere! Contact me for more info.

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