On Thursday I was flinging paint. I have lots of details left but I am happy. The purple house in the front is dedicated to McGirt and Horton. The left is McGirt and the right is Horton. The big windows will have portraits of them. I put an oak tree next to McGirt's side of the house as a reference to his poem. I have someone holding a candle on Horton's side as a reference to his torch poem. I am going to include 3 librarians. The kids playing are a shout out to the Boys and Girls club in the neighborhood. One house has 2 old men on the porch and 2 dogs in the yard, something I saw while I was in the neighborhood. The red house on the bottom is the sunflower house- dedicated to the kids who made a sunflower quilt that hangs in the library. There are clotheslines and a bus stop. There will be cats birds and squirrels and maybe a bunny and a lot more people in the finished piece. I am excited about this painting!