Blips and blurbs

This dog is painted in oils on top of some encaustic paint. I scratched through the oil paint to carve the lines revealing the blue encuastic paint.

Next there are the two that I talked about in the last post. Now with deer and an octopus. Both were made with stencils I cut. Sometimes that's the best way to get a definite shape when painting with encaustics.

In the same painting as the dog, I have a floating lake with a swan. I have painted oil on top encaustics here too. You can see the difference in the textures really well in this photo.

Then there is a mandala that I've painted with watercolor on rice paper. It is something I will eventually use in an encaustic painting. I do a lot of rice paper doodles- and a lot of them end up as either backgrounds or cut shapes in the encaustic pieces.

For instance this green bird that I worked on today has a rice paper painting background.

And lastly an ode to our "new" car, an old volvo station wagon that is meant to be our "family" car. I was so happy to get this car old volvo station wagons are my dream cars. However, this car has brought heartbreak, having been in the shop twice now in one week. Everyone cross your fingers that our baby will be ok!!!