post encaustic oil paintings.

As some of you may know, I have been on a pretty intense encaustic kick for the past few years. At the outset of my experimentations with encaustic painting, I wondered if the change in medium would affect my oil paintings. I am now beginning a project to find out. Since I started with encaustics, I have done a few oil paintings here and there but now I will delve back into oils more fully with a new series. Above is one of the first of this new group- I just completed this diptych on Saturday and haven't named it yet. I have been doing a lot of birds with radiating eyes, and other starburst archetypes. My figures seem the same as they ever were, but some of the colors seem brighter, some of the linework seems more defined- this could have been the influence of the encaustics.
Below is an encaustic painting I am working on in conjunction with the oil painting project- I just couldn't give it up totally! I enjoy the brain shift jumping from one way of working to the other. This is my magical volvo station wagon before and after putting lines in the rainbows.

And here are my beautiful daylillies. I love seeing the bright colors all over the yard. It's a shame that they only last a day, but kind of cool that the placement of the flowers is re arranged on a daily basis.