Come take my Encaustics Class!

These images are all student work being done in my last encaustics class at the Pullen Arts Center. The class ended up being a lot of fun- I think everyone did very well, especially since most of them were trying encaustic for the first time. It can be tricky to learn, but it's very fun! There are so many possibilities with mixed media.
The way I like to structure the class is to teach a new technique at the beginning and do a demo. Then I turn everyone loose to try it out. I encourage experimentation! I always bring a few of the things I am working on to give examples of what I am talking about, too.
We use stencils, incising, and collage among other things to bring our paintings together. Encaustic can be painted on very opaque, or translucent. It can be scratched and scraped. The final piece usually has lots of layers, and the wax gives it a very unique look and texture.
Everyone approaches this medium differently, and it's especially fun for me to see the students adapting the medium for their own purposes!
The colors of the encaustic paint are especially vibrant, and will never fade or yellow with time because the beeswax acts as a preservative.
All kinds of papers and fabrics can be collaged into the wax, which also preserves paper.
The linework technique is especially fun and challenging. It is done by incising into the wax.

The next class starts up on Feb. 2nd at 7pm. You can read more about it on the city website.