The mysterious sea and the new transit building

Here are some details from my newest.  It's pretty much done at this point.  
The idea for me was to paint the sea in a darker palette.  The sea is loaded with symbolism.   I think of it as a metaphor for the unconscious mind.  
The buildings on the seashore are mixed media.  I used some monoprints that I cut up, and a gouache painting.  Using encaustic paint really helps to tie the mixed media pieces together.  
The left half of the green building is a monoprint I made using the netting that you get onions in.  The right half is a sealed envelope containing a secret message.  It is completely encased in wax and painted over. 

Here is the new transit building located on Poole rd. in Raleigh.  You can just make out my painting in this photo, right above the orange-y divider thing. This image was originally an oil painting-  I cropped it and it appeared on a CAT bus a few years ago.  Little did I know, they had saved the image.  A few weeks ago I got an email from the transit people wanting permission to use this in their new building.  I was thrilled to have my work permanently installed!  

Here you can see it a little better.  I am told the art will be lit up really nicely at night.  I am hoping to go by soon at night and get some photos.

Here, you can see it from the first floor, walking into the building.

Here is the view from the second floor balcony.