New small series

Here are the beginnings of 4 small 3 x 5" paintings.  The idea for this series of small paintings is to integrate drawings out of my sketchbook of people and animals with my encaustic painting techniques.  The people drawings were likely drawn sitting in the library, airport or a restaurant.  I like to sketch quickly to keep the drawings lively, and I don't want the person I'm drawing to know that I'm drawing them.  With these paintings, I add color to these drawings, putting each person or animal into an environ.  

Here is a video of the new transit center, and all the artists talking about their work that hangs there.  Keith and I are both in this video.

And thanks to the miracle of the internet I have been able to track down one of the paintings that inspired me to start painting in encaustics.  This piece is by Victor Brauner, called Prelude to a Civilization.  I remember seeing it in a museum in NY.