Beginning of a new painting.

So, I don't pretend to know a lot about computers. Half of the time I love technology and the other half I really hate it.  But I do know enough to do what I need to do and if not there's Keith.  
Anyway, I'm starting a new painting, a biggish one, and I'm psyched to be back using oils.  Not like I ever left.  I had this idea to shoot pictures of it every so often while I paint.  I have seen stuff like this on youtube and love to watch it. The idea was to play these pictures really fast in a slideshow set to the music I was listening to while I painted.  I did figure out how to make a slide show using this thing, but only on the side bar.  And I couldn't figure out how to set it to music or make it bigger but it is a start and maybe one day I will figure these things out.  But I digress.....
So the best thing about starting a new large canvas are the limitless possibilities.  The best thing about painting sky is that I love abstract painting.  The best thing about painting a sky with oils is that they stay wet for hours and you can really blend your colors.  And think about how you want it to look. Paint some more then go get some chai.  And paint some more, add some colors.  
This painting will be a cityscape and most of the sky will be covered up by buildings and such.  Over time I have found I like to paint the sky first so it is one continuous sky and I don't have to paint it in around the buildings and in between every twig leaf bird or squirrel in the painting.  That method is a little bit tedious.  Also the best way to warm up a canvas is to really cover it good.  
So, as you watch my primitive slideshow, you can also listen along: