Idealistic world

 The really nice thing about painting a city from your mind is everything can be vibrant.  The city is the framework for people to reach their potentials and expand their minds.  The space that the architecture creates is where all the exciting things in life happen.  Books are written, inventions invented, all for the greater good.  There are little or no constraints.
I've never been a "reality  painter".  I would rather paint things as I think they should be.  No homelessness.  No hunger.  Equality. No ugly strip malls!  No historic buildings torn down in order to have a bigger parking lot.
This past week I concentrated on putting a first layer of color on everything.  Buildings will change color, some may change shape.  I needed to have everything somewhat solid so I could see what I was dealing with.  Oh, and I took the bridge out, I'm going with docks instead. This phase of the painting I get to have a lot of fun mixing colors.  Every phase is fun.