Almost Done!

It's easy to obsess over small details.  I love the idea of each section being its own "mini painting".  I try to made sure everything has been considered, wether I've chosen to refine it or leave it loose.  I'm in the process now of adding some flourishes to this one to give it a unique flavor.  My clients have inspired me with stories and objects they find meaning in.  I love to include details that will give them a closer connection with their painting.  When doing a commission, I consider that the client will spend lots of time with this painting for years to come.  That's kind of heavy if you think about it too hard, the bottom line is they've trusted me to give the painting life.  I appreciate that.  Anyway, some would call this the tedious stage of the painting.  It's a bit more tiring to do focus on the micro.  At the end of the day though, the micro doesn't matter if the macro doesn't work.  I have to remember that and edit.  Also from time to time I have to take a break, it gets so wet that it smears because I tend to rest my hand on it while painting with the tiny brush.  I'm really excited about this one, and I'd say now it's 90% done.