Turbulence and calm

The latest oil painting I am working on started as just colors.  The top picture was taken just as the imagery began to emerge from the abstraction. Then I changed the composition and changed the dog. Just trying to stay loose with this one.  I'll put in a swimmer in the ocean eventually.  After painting the last cityscape- Bee City, I have wanted to work more with painting water.  Not sure what I'll put at the top of the hill yet, maybe a statue.  I love working with the combination of orange and blue in the water.

This is a series of four paintings I am working on in panel.  They are all oil right now but I am planning to do the next phase in encaustic.  I find that I like painting faces better in oils right now.  The subject seems to be serenity, meditation, communing with nature, and inner worlds.  I did lots of thin washes with oils to get the effects.  The birds pulling strands of hair and hat are symbolism.  They could symbolize a thought or group of thoughts that tugs the brain.