Duality is '... a single conceptual unit that is formed by two inseparable and mutually constitutive elements whose inherent tensions and complementarity give the concept richness and dynamism' (Wenger 1998, p. 66).
 I had finished the piece on the left as part of the Magic Strata series I collaborated on with Alison Overton.  It's kind of an enchanted forest at night painting. The one on the right I'm still working on.  It's more of a day painting.
 Two more unfinished ones, part of my castle series. It seems like the breeze in the painting on the right is blowing into the painting on the left. Maybe a continuity there. I'm still waiting on my next installment of ideas to finish these two.
 Sketchbook paintings.  I'm enjoying working in the books I made at Penland.
 It's super relaxing to just let my mind go a bit in these books.  There's a sense of freedom in there.
 New paints, new paints.  I love all these colors together.
 Two new encaustic backgrounds...