Drawing challenge discoveries

I've been doing a drawing every day starting at he beginning of 2014. It's a challenge I set for myself to invite new directions into my work. The drawings started as line drawings of things in my house or surroundings. Slowly I began adding collage elements and working with ink or gesso. The challenge has been really important to me daily. Coming to my sketchbook is such a reward. Sketchbook art is more spontaneous and free. It's a no judgement zone. Now my challenge is carrying over this feeling into my encaustic paintings. 

Encaustic is the perfect medium for collage because it seals the paper and preserves it. However in the painting above that I'm working on, I chose to do a photocopy transfer of the image. This means that the ink on the photocopy transfers onto the wax and there is no paper, lending to a smoother surface and a translucent image. 

This one is another I'm working on. It's inspired by the sea collages and imagery that appears in some of the drawings. 
Wether I have lots of time to draw or just a few minutes, it's been great to express myself everyday on paper, and I feel like I am building a new visual vocabulary that I can draw fromin my new work.