Head in Cloud, Wood's edge, City under pale moonlight, plus show at the Express Library

"Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see."- Philip Guston

 I am making a gradual shift to working larger and working more with oils again. Here are three cityscapes I completed this month, two oils and an encaustic. 

Head in Cloud-web.jpg

"Head in Cloud"

I dream of an urban setting alive with culture and nuance.  Each one of us has several coexisting narratives in us. This city is a multi-faceted jewel with concurrent narratives playing out. 


Wood's Edge-web.jpg

"Wood's Edge"

I wanted a cozy neighborhood at the wood's edge. Having one foot in the wilderness, the inhabitants were rather diverse. A peaceable kingdom to be sure.


"City in the Pale Moonlight"

The patina on the surface of an old building is the microcosm of this city's soul. All the linework is carved in, so in person you see a lot more texture.Cities are all about visual and cultural texture. 

My show at the express library on Fayetteville st. will be up for all of June.  

It's funny how well my work shows around books, since I'm such a book nerd, I appreciate that.