Women artists that I love- Gabrielle Münter

Gabrielle Münter was  a student of Kandinsky, one of my favorite abstract painters. She was a German expressionist and belonged to the art collective "Der Bleu Reiter".  Unlike other women in her time, she lived a relatively free and unrestricted life. 

I love her self portrait painting. I love it's simplicity and lack of frills. I love that it shows her in the act of painting. I love the bright colors. I think about women living in that time that may have been artists except for their duties as housewives or work. She was lucky to have the circumstances to pursue her passion. She lived her life to the fullest and was a free spirit, traveling the world. 

I have a weakness for well designed still life paintings. And complementary color schemes. Also I wonder about the statue in the middle- it looks like a saint holding a doll. 

This could be me on a winter morning. Watching the birds out of my window....

I love the blue in this painting. All the blue.