How I came to be a painter- or my introduction to Marc Chagall


Below is a painting made with a photo transfer of me as a teen. You could say I was rather disaffected at this particular stage, not particularly good at any subject, not very interested in anything. I rolled with the artsy misfit kids at school but didn't consider myself creative especially. 

I went to an art show at the Cummer Art Museum in Jacksonville, FL where I grew up. The show had works by several post impressionists, I don't remember the details, it was a long time ago! I do remember seeing this Chagall painting though. It wasn't the vase of flowers that drew me in, it was the dream images in the background. I saw so many hidden half spoken mysteries in this piece. I knew standing in front of that painting on that day that my destiny was to be a painter. I felt the painting express to me so much that couldn't be put into words. I felt the possibility of communicating through painting so much of what I hadn't been able to express. I felt so much passion under my surface in that moment.