Destruction is part of the creative process.

There were 2 paintings sitting in my home studio that I hadn't touched in months. Today I drastically changed them.

This is the painting I was doing of my baby girl- Ingrid, and my fur children. I always paint my pets, so I had no problem with the animal parts of the painting. Painting (well, good painting anyway) is an emotional as well as an artistic and techincal process. I really wanted a painting of my beautiful child, and set out to paint one, even though I am not a portrait painter, and have never even painted an imaginary baby. Needless to say, my portrait of Ingrid did not live up to my expectation. How does someone paint something so precious to them, something so beautiful. Badly, in my case. Which is o.k. I realized the problem and decided to do something about it, to start with a clean slate. Not to mention, painting as sporatically as I have to now that I have this other MAJOR creative process going, I have to think differently. I don't have hours to obsess over getting everything right. It has meant I have to let some things go. I have to decide what is worth obsessing about.
So I have covered this piece with blues and greens, and still don't have a plan for it's future. I will let it marinate like it is for a while while I think it over.