Here are two paintings I recently finished. I am finally done with my triptych. It's amazing how much longer it takes to finish a big painting while being a mom. I decided to name it The Morning After the Rainstorm.
The colors are bright and vibrant and alive. It gives me a feeling of renewal to look at it. I imagine walking through the garden or through the arboretum after a rain, and the smells of the plants and the dampness of the earth. I imagine the spirits that live there.

I also finally finished The Pollen Collecters.
Keith named this painting for me. I was at a loss for a title, as usual. It's the first painting he's ever named for me.
This is a painting of flying humanoids in buckets. They each have their own small flying bug that is trained to fly into the cup flowers and collect pollen for it's master. The background is encaustic and the rest was done with oils.