Mural Proposal

This is a big deal for me- I am now one of 3 finalists to do a mural. I applied with my portfolio several months ago and just got a call last week letting me know I was selected to present my proposal to the jury! I am working on a scale version of what I will be doing at the library if chosen.
Since the mural is going to be in a library in an African American part of town, the mural must be Afro- centric. I am using for my inspiration the memories of an African American neighborhood I know well in Jacksonville FL. It was the neighborhood I went to school in. The houses were older and the colors were vibrant. I am trying to capture the energy and the vibes from my memories.
Right now I just have some very basic colors but this painting will resemble some of my other cityscapes- with lots of trees, cats, dogs, people, squirrels and birds.
I am taking a trip tomorrow to the actual neighborhood the library is being built in to see if I can gain more inspiration. I am so excited about this project!
Wish me luck as I focus my energies on this!