Diptych and more diptychs

Here is how the 1rst diptych is ending up. The left panel is oil on canvas, the right panel is oil and encaustic on panel. I love the idiosyncrasy of the two panels. They line up enough, but not totally. I also wanted each to stand on its own, so the painting can be displayed with panels flush or separated.

I also wanted to start some new diptychs because the format intrigues me. I like the duality, and the fact that two come together to make one painting. These two paintings are on panel, and I am starting them in oil and will finish them with encaustic. I am starting with abstract forms and I will see what they become. I keep seeing birds in these circles. I paint a lot of birds. Perhaps too many. I am trying to fight the urge to make these next two diptychs about birds, but I may have to.