A manic creative outpouring

I had a weird week. Something really sad happened to a good friend. I had a hard time painting, I was really sad, I still am. I was also very stressed over not having enough work. I know at the end of the month when I put up my shows, the paintings will be there, they always are. It's just getting to that point. Anyway, the sadness and the stress stifled my energy for most of the week. This morning I think I got three times as much done as I did the whole rest of the week. I was really happy to be working and getting ideas again. Back to normal, somewhat.
Here is what is happening with the two diptychs. They are oil on board. That gives me the option to go in with encaustic later if I want. We will see. It's been a long time since I painted people. It's time. The one on the left has a bunch of birds in it. They aren't fully developed yet. I am excited to see what happens to these paintings.