I have had a few hours in the studio this week and have been able to maintain focus enough to work out some details in these diptychs. This pinwheel image has been occurring over and over again. It's kind of like a pie, or a color wheel or a radiant halo like those in pre-renaissance religious paintings. I am still working in oils on these paintings, and debating on whether to do encaustic over them like I had originally intended. The oil painting has a glossy, viscous surface, and the encaustic is smooth and uniform. Its surface can be very shiny if buffed, or matte if left alone. Anyway, these are pretty spare as far as what is in them. I am going for the feel of a forest instead of trying to paint the whole forest that's in my mind. From day to day, each step I take on these, I am enjoying. I really don't know what they will end up looking like.