Everything is new under the sun

Yay! I finished my triptych, again. This time I will hang the three panels about an inch away from each other, kind of the spacing in this photo. This one will go in my Peace College show, starting Feb. 21 with the artist reception Sunday March 20 2-4pm. First day of Spring! After re-doing this piece, it was tempting to go back into more of my work, there are endless possibilities for each painting. But now I am enjoying starting some newer work.....
Dragonfly stencil and a hand. This one is just about finished, I'm sure I will put final touches on it. I had remembered a drawing of a hand, maybe from an Indian incense box, and wanted to paint it with this lady. She's bringing me good fortune.
Here is a brand newbie. I did the background colors with oils, to make a smoother color transition. I wanted to do one with overlapping line drawings. Also I am doing more paintings with people in them now.
A detail of the above painting. The encaustic linework actually hovers above the painting encased in a layer of clear wax. That's how it's able to cast it's own little shadow...
The sea at night. I haven't seen it lately but in dreams. I do miss living near the ocean.
Here is another painting I started out in oils, to have a smoother color transition from light to darker. Inner peace.
This one has been through a lot of changes. I sometimes find the smaller pieces even harder to make than the big ones. You can see through the wax to almost all the layers here, so you get an idea of the process just looking at the painting's surface.
And another one that has been painted and scraped back over and over again. Under all the wax is a piece of vintage fabric.