Take my class! Come to my opening!

Here's an example of the kind of work I want to teach in my upcoming mixed media class at the Pullen Arts Center. This began as a collage of an old book, an old lino cut print of mine, one of my oil on paper paintings cut up, and some fabric. I coated it in clear wax, then made some lines on it with encaustic paint. Sound fun? Come take my class! 6 Wednesdays starting March 30th. 7-9:30 pm. 919-996-6126
ps. This is the painting I am going to donate to Artspace's Give and Take event.

Here are the postcards for my show at at Peace College! If you didn't get one in your mailbox, you must not be on my mailing list. To remedy that situation, you can send me your address- annapodris@earthlink.net.
The show's reception is Sunday March 20th from 2-4. It's up now at the Leggett Theater Gallery, and will be up until April 17th.