Awesome student work!! Next class starts in August!

I had a great time teaching my last encaustic class.  It was a small class of just 2.  My students, Cynthia and Carrie, both had done a lot of art in the past but this was their first try at encaustic.  It's exciting to see how the medium can change your way of thinking about painting.

These two paintings are by Cynthia Cudaback.  She comes from a marine biology background, as you can see in the piece above.  Along with the encaustic paint she used magazine cutouts and three dimensional elements to create this painting.  The painting below is also her creation.  It represents the four seasons.  She always does her snowflakes with six points, as this is how the occur in nature.  The chemistry behind the water molecule is what causes snowflakes to form with six points, and it also is what makes life on earth possible.  So, from now on, my snowflakes will also be six pointed, because when you make a six pointed snowflake you are showing gratitude to mother earth.

 The painting below is by Carrie Graham.  She layered and fused the encaustic paint to create the watery feel to the background. Then she painted the lily pads, using the incised line to outline them.  She also added collage elements along with rice paper paintings of koi fish.

If you are interested in trying this versatile medium my next class starts up on August 10.  It's a series of six classes that are designed for beginners or intermediate encaustic painters.  It meets wed. nights at 7:30 at the Pullen Arts Center.  For more info, call the center at- 996-6126.