Forming ideas for future paintings

 The stairway to the field.  Just a small little piece of land downtown that I walk by on my way to the studio.  I love these old steps that lie in beautiful neglect.  I wonder what will become of this little patch of land, if someone will bulldoze it and build something.  It's in a state of flux, neither here nor there.

An old building on St Aug's campus that I love.  It's being reclaimed by nature.  If you were to walk in the threshold you would be engulfed by trees and weeds.  Incidentally, my step father in law's father used to perform eye surgery in this building.

My wildflower garden!!
 I love gardening but have rarely been able to grow anything from seed- until this summer.  Here is my wildflower garden, grown from a pack of seeds given to me by a friend.  The colors are phenomenal and I run outside every morning to see what has bloomed.  I do believe I can use some of these colors later....