Getting excited about my show with Megan Clark!! Also new paintings in the works.

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year now since Megan Clark and I first had the idea to do a body of work based on nature.  We started collaborating on ideas several evenings, drawing together at my place.  We were also inspired a lot by the book "Art Forms in Nature" by Ernst Haeckel.  We decided to do  some collaborative work.  Her metalwork will be attached to my paintings!  I'm excited to get her pieces back from being gold plated and attach it to the paintings I did.  Here is a sneak peak of some work I did for the show..... I have been working on these paintings all year, in secret!  Keith just recently saw them for the first time.  It's been so fun working with another artist, collaborating.  The show opens September first friday in the upfront gallery at Artspace.  

Here are some brand new ones I have just started. They will be oil and encaustic. I am just layering the oils now to create a background.  I wait for each translucent layer to dry before adding the next, hopefully to achieve a depth of color.  I also like the way I can get a smooth, subtle color transition using oils.  Not as easy with the encaustic paint!

 Here are two I have just started.  I used rice paper maily, and some fabric too in the Seahorse one.  The one on the left may end up with a swift in it....

 I love their eyes!
 I am also working on "twin" oil paintings, building up layers of color.  I try to remain very free with the paint at the beginning stages, trying to loosely sketch in the composition with paint.