Another series, a new collaboration, a couple of paintings in progress

I am working now on a series of 5 small paintings, preparing to teach my class- working in a series- which starts up next wednesday at  the Pullen Arts Center.  My idea was to superimpose mushroom drawings which I had done on rice paper over paintings of houses.  Working title of series is something like- "little houses spring up like mushrooms".  You can see behind the painting my awesome mushroom i.d. book which I am using as reference for the drawings. 

I'm starting a new collaborative project with Alison Overton, here are some free samples of the very beginnings.

The imagined cityscape paintings- a small series of just 2 paintings- are still in the works.  I am concentrating on building up layers of oil paint, some of it linework, some of it thin glazes, and some more thickly painted areas.  Ah, oils, my first love.