(Fraternal) Twin paintings- a few more layers.

 I've added a few more glazes of color and detail.  Glazing is fun but takes forever, because in between each glaze the paint has to dry, and I'm using oils, which take a while to dry.  Which is a good thing.  As I am building up the layers of color and detail, subject matter also starts to emerge.  It's a happy time for me, it seems like these two are finally coming to life.
 I'm reading this on the side- Owls in folklore and natural history.  It's good to know more about owls and people's relationship with them as a myth over history.  I am reading this one at the studio so it doesn't interfere with my reading at home.  After I finished War and Peace, the book literally fell apart and has ended up in some of my paintings.  Literally and figuratively.  I'm hooked on russian lit and am now reading The Brothers Karamazov.