Two collages I did back in college.  I was just talking with good friend and fellow artist, Claire Stringer, who went to school with me back in the day.  We would sit for hours cutting up these national geographics to create surreal scenes and poetry.  Then we created several art "manifestos" that we distributed.  I just loved doing these, I felt like I was talking through some one else's mouth.  It was my creation, but a bit removed from the paintings I was doing for class.  I spent lots of spare time on these, and I always had my nose in my sketchbook.  I felt more free in these mediums, because they were just for me, I didn't have to justify anything to anyone, unlike the oil paintings I would offer up for critique every week.  The collages became pretty elaborate, and the sketchbooks as well.  It was kind of like a secret life.

 Here are exerpts of two oil paintings I am working on right now.  Adding layers of color.  When I am done painting the figures, I'll finish the paintings with wax.
 Recently finished encaustic paintings----