January, month of re- envisioning.

This painting had been hanging out in the studio for a while, supposedly "done", when I started having new ideas for it.  I wanted to try out a stencil pattern idea, so I worked a little more in the sky.  It was leaning against the wall, in flux, with me not sure what to do next.  
The great thing about my art friends is they are all pretty generous about sharing ideas.  I've had friends help me out of some sticky situations many a time with my work.  Sometimes fresh eyes can see the obvious in a painting more clearly.  I love it when my friends name my work for me because this can often be the hardest part for me.  
The great thing about being married to an artist is there is always someone to ask.  Keith gave me the great idea to paint a floating city.  I'm having so much fun using mixed media for this too.  Rice paper, fabric, National Geographic photos, ect.  I'm also building up the clear to create a hazy sensation.   See this one in its previous incarnation

 . This one has taken a long time to come about.  It has a long way yet to go I think.  Some are fast, some are slow.  
 This is a diptych I had finished over a year ago.  The more I looked at it, the more I thought there was something missing but I couldn't figure out what.  Then, one day, I did.  I had painted it in oils, but I decided to go back over it with encaustic.  The I used the squirrel I had cut from a linoleum tile I had cut.
See its previous incarnation. 

 Cheers until next time!