An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.

-George Santayama

I've been working on this painting incrementally with oils.  I got some comments that the figure in the foreground looks like me, so I changed it, I'm not trying to make a self portrait.  She's holding a shell that I found in Ireland.  Standing at the edge of her world looking out.  

These two represent the series of four that I'm working on.  I am doing buildings on transparent paper to show the oil painting once sealed on with wax.  The faces and backgrounds are painted with oil using a lot of cold wax medium.  Then sealed with clear encaustic wax and clouded by a building drawing.  Old structures with souls.  

 While I have been painting, my little artist has been busy with inks, acryilcs, watercolors, water soluble crayons and colored pencils.