It's between me and my muse.

“On that night the sky laid bare its internal construction in many sections which, like anatomical exhibits, showed the spirals and whorls of light, the pale-green solids of darkness, the plasma of space, the tissue of dreams… 

— Bruno Schulz, The Street of Crocodiles

I  was talking with a fellow artist about are most frequently asked question- "Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?"  We were laughing about different ways to blow off this very difficult question.  "I can't reveal that information for fear of damaging the fragile relationship between me and my muse."
The truth is to fully answer this is impossible.  To even try I would have to get somewhat metaphysical.   I will suffice to say that I try to keep an open mind, inspiration somedays bursts from everything I see, weeds, burnt out buildings,  dirt, trees.  Somedays it's better just not to try to paint.  Some days I can resolve multiple ideas.  Other ideas take a while on the back burner.  The mermaid oil painting is on the back burner at this point.  It's almost done, just a hair away, but needs something that I can't come up with just yet.  My interests and direction are in wax right now and I'm not worried because there's nothing I can do.  My muse would never steer me wrong.  

An overlay on these two faces.  More plants, bugs, jewels?  

I can't talk about this one too much, it's a secret painting that won't be revealed until November.  Suffice to say I'm having so much fun with the wax here.  This painting has a long history and is finally coming into its own.
Here's one that I am done with now, a meditative piece.