Yellow Summer

 Here are two paintings that are along the same lines.  Both I started with oil paints and then painted encaustic over. I was starting to think my thoughts and intentions were like birds springing forth from my mind.  I have enjoyed playing with layers lately as ever.  With two completely different scenes intersecting, which one is the reality?

 I enjoy working with translucency because it allows for hidden images.  I have enjoyed using my new tools in this piece (pictured below).  The burnishing tool has allowed me to press the edges of the rice paper drawing smooth with the surface of the painting, obscuring the edge helps to disguise that there is paper there.  I used some of the carving tools to shape the leaves and also to flatten and scrape the surface after I incised the lines that make the stems of the plants.  I am loving my new tools!!
This is an oil painting that is in the works.  I feel like it has been influenced by my work with encaustics, with the linework and floating layers.  The color yellow has made it's appearance in my paintings this summer probably more than ever.  I call it my yellow summer. 

 Here is a sneak peek at the tiles I'm working on for the Healing Ceilings project. They will be installed at a cancer center on the ceiling so that people can look at them while receiving chemo.  I was honored to be picked for this project, as I have a firm belief in the healing powers of art, color and positive energy.

My new tools!  The tacking iron isn't new, I tried it a long time ago and didn't like it, but have brought it out for another try.  It works for smoothing out fabric in wax and adhering it to a mixed media piece.  the boxy thing is my temperature regulator. The woodburning tools get too hot for the paint and must be carefully regulated.  The tan one is a burnishing tool, helps to smooth painted surfaces or create texture in wax.  The green one has several different tips, the one you see on it now is the one I used on the painting below.  It helped me achieve a subtle color transition for painting a face with wax.  It also can be used to gouge into the wax and create texture.  It has a paintbrush attachment that heats up and helps move around the wax colors after they are applied to the surface. The black carving tools can do lots of things, smooth the surface of the painting, scrape incised lines or refine the edges of a shape.  They can be heated by pressing them to the hot palette.  

Lastly, here is my butterfly themed grouping of work over at Designbox!