Here's a grouping of work I am making for an upcoming show I have with Keith in Elizabeth City. We decided to do a water/fish theme for the show. Some of these are finished, some are not.

 Here is my working area.  Lots of wax tools and detritus. I've been using these water paintings as a vehicle to explore what I can do with the wax.  In the painting to the left, I'm working over top of a very smooth, flowing background and building up some layered imagery.  Partially inspired by Haeckel's work.

 The larger painting is oceanic.  I'm really happy with the way it looks and now hesitant adding imagery. I'm just waiting for the right idea so as not to mess it up! It's very smooth and flowing. The smaller one has passed through several incarnations since this photo was taken. I have built up lots of color layers and done lots of scraping back to reveal the previous layers.

See top photo for a more completed version of this painting. I am using incised linework on the sea plants and jellyfish.  The fish's linework was done by carving. I painted the whole fish orange, then painted it blue. I carved through the blue to get the orange line.