Day of the Dead

 This is an excerpt from a painting recently completed for a day of the dead art show.  The show opens at Designbox next month.  I'm excited to see everyone's take on the subject- lots of artists are included in this show.  Love how this holiday is a celebration of life at the same time as honoring the deceased. Also have been collecting images of this subject for study.

 This is a new one I've just started, on the larger side for encaustic work for me.  I started this one by gluing in a drawing I had done in 2006.  Now I'm working on the sky.  I have a feeling this will become another ghost house.
 It's funny how the paintings seem to group themselves- based on where I've randomly placed them. On the left is one I have had in my head for a while.  I'm utilizing some screenprinting for this one.  It has to do with balance in nature.  And on the right- I am so excited to be doing an octopus painting! It's so much fun.  This is almost done and will be ready for my aquatic themed show with Keith in Elizabeth City.
 The aquatic paintings have also become a place for me to play with layers and texture.
 Here are two  that may never be finished, they have been in the works for so long.  They are snails.  Every once and a while I see something that needs doing.
Here's two that go together thematically.  Both of the Subjects share some headspace with a hidden or ghost subject.  The idea that you sometimes can't take full credit for everything you do, good or bad.